Useful links and downloads

Our club has some great contacts that can help you when you are working on your car. Below are some of these contacts, along with some useful downloads. If you aren't already a member, join our club for more.


SP250 Parts Books

View our copy of the Daimler SP250 parts catalogue, as well as that of the Daimler V8 250 Saloon.

SP250 Service Manuals

View our copy of the Daimler SP250 service manual, as well as that of the Daimler V8 250 Saloon.


View our trusted Daimler SP250 parts suppliers. Club members also receive the ability to contact other club members to source parts - join now.

General Parts Suppliers

David Manners, our preferred UK SP250 parts supplier

Barry Thorne, UK SP250 parts supplier and information

Robert Grinter, UK SP250 upgrades and information

Hawkswood Classic Car Parts, NZ parts supplier

Daimler, Jaguar and Lanchester Spare Parts Club, NZ SP250 parts supplier

Specific Parts Suppliers

Coopercraft, billey allot 4-pot upgrade front brake calipers


Jaguar Heritage Trust, heritage certificates

Trusted Workshops

This list includes a range of services that have been recommended by our members.
We, as a club, do not hold any responsibility if you choose to use these services and do not find them satisfactory.